Custom-made wallpapers

If you have chosen a wallpaper for your interior, try something special.

You don't have to buy a wallpaper with a pattern which you can buy everywhere, when you can create your own wallpaper! Do you like to travel and do you like the Orient? Are you interested in art, sports or anything else and would you like to have a specific theme in your home? Or, are you not sure and you like something that we offer? Then we will adapt the selected wallpaper to your wall in terms of colour and space, so it would match. We will do this, because we place a great emphasis mostly on the colour balance. Do you have a special request? No problem!

We will help you choose a theme which will perfectly go together with your style. We will process everything in our graphic studio, including the visualisation for your perfect idea and the right decision, and, after your approval, we will make it for you to size.

Newly, we also have a certified kind of an ecological wallpaper that is environmentally-friendly. It is a wallpaper with no content of PVC. It was manufactured by a latex print, and thus it is not harmful to health; also, it is easy to apply. Special HP PVC-free Wall Paper is ingeniously provided with glue during its manufacturing; this is contained on the reverse side of the wall paper and nothing but pure water is necessary for its initiation. In combination with the latex print technology, which is absolutely smell free and at the same time highly durable, it is suitable into children’s facilities and public buildings. The attestation of incombustibility of the class A is implied. Free of charge, we will make for you at least two designs of custom-made author wallpapers in the form of visualisation on your wall, just for your perfect image. We put great emphasis on the variety of colours, which should be consistent with the whole.

Great interiors

The studio Decore loves to create harmonic and original rooms that fulfill their practicality. We will help you with realization of your interior exactly according to your financial possibilities. We will gladly just offer you an advice and help you design the complete colour conception – colour of walls, floor coverings, lighting, furniture and accessories.

Auhor Paintings

Original, custom-made and unique. These are author paintings. Except for these individual qualities, the advantage of paintings is their smaller financial intensity, keeping the vividness of the wall and their use in damper spaces, where for example the wallpaper cannot be used, simple repairability... and mostly the originality!